Is Give Savvy secure?

YES. Give Savvy cares about your security. We go above and beyond to safeguard all personal and payment information. We verify the identity of every organization and utilize the most robust secure payment processing methods. We are PCI compliant and use HTTPS and SSL for our entire platform.

All systems are monitored and logged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for potentially fraudulent, malicious, or erroneous transactions so we can proactively address any issue.

What credit cards does Give Savvy accept?

Savvy accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

How do we setup our Organization to synchronize with WayCool?

With your Give Savvy account, you have the ability to use 3rd party integrations. Our WayCool integration allows for users of the CoolFocus software to seamlessly sync Give Savvy to WayCool. To begin the setup of this integration, you will need to know your API integration key. This can be obtained in your CoolFocus account. Once you have this key, ask your Give Savvy Support Rep to enter it in your organization account setup. Your Give Savvy dashboard will show your WayCool API key once entered.

The next step will be to go to each of your campaigns. Go to Organization => Manage Campaigns.
In each campaign you will need to edit the 3rd party section, now visible within the edit screen. You will have to select options from the two available drop downs.

  • WayCool Fund dropdown: This is for the “fund” which will be attributed to the campaign. You may only select one of these options. The dropdown options are pulled from your CoolFocus account.
  • WayCool Sources (multi select) dropdown: This is for the available “sources”. Sources are how the donor heard about the fund. You are able to present multiple sources for a donor to choose from. The dropdown options are pulled from your CoolFocus account.
If you do not see the fund or sources you are looking for, please contact your WayCool support agent to confirm that they are properly setup within CoolFocus.

After saving the campaign, your Give Savvy account will automatically synchronize daily donations with CoolFocus on a nightly basis. Do not change the campaign status to Active until it is setup completely, this includes the API key.
How do we setup our Organization to synchronize with eKyros?

With your Give Savvy account, you have the ability to use 3rd party integrations. Our eKyros integration allows for users to seamlessly sync Give Savvy to eKyros. To begin the setup of this integration you will need to know your API integration key from eKyros. Once you have this key, you can enter it into your Give Savvy organization account setup. Your Give Savvy dashboard will show your WayCool API key once entered.

After saving the campaign, your Give Savvy account will automatically synchronize daily donations with eKyros on a nightly basis. For more information see the attached link to a video from eKyros.

What are some best practices for setting up an organization or campaign?

Here is what we suggest:

a. Provide as much information as possible, and to ensure that you complete all the customizable sections on the page.
b. Always include a unique logo image to help make your campaign stand out. Add a background image to really make your logo pop.
c. Give Savvy has a Media Manager where you can add different photos, images and even videos. The Media Manager will help crop images to the optimal size.
d. Adding a description gives a visiting donor information about your organization and can help get the news out about what you are trying to raise funds for.
e. Setting a goal amount is a great way to show potential donors your progress.
f. Description Field – Type text in directly or copy text from Word, Notepad, or some other word processing software. Copying directly from a website can include HTML or other code which can cause the text to look messy when published.

How do I add the Give Savvy donation widget to my website?

The free widget is a great feature that allows you to add a payment section on your organization's website. To add this to your site, go to Organization => Widget.

On this page you will have the opportunity to customize the widgets colors, as well as the text on it. You can preview the widget once you complete your changes.

Once you have the widget the way you want it, you can copy and paste the widget code to your website. We recommend you have your website administrator assist with this if needed.

What is the best way to use the Give Savvy donation widget?

The best practice is to place this on a support or giving page on your organization website. You can add it to as many pages as you like.

How do I handle donors that do not have email addresses?

It is recommended that all donors have a valid email address. A valid unique email is key to the Give Savvy platform. The donor will receive their receipt of the donation directly to their email. Having an email also allows the donor to setup an account from which they can view receipts online, as well as other great features.

If the donor does not have an email, contact Give Savvy Support for a work around.

Can an organization create an Admin account using Facebook?

Not yet.

How can we get Give Savvy support?

Give Savvy has many support options. You can access our support area here, speak with a support agent via online chat, call or email your designated support representative, or view many of our manuals and videos.

How many organizational user accounts can we have?

Give Savvy allows you to create as many users as you need, unlimited.

How do you void/cancel a donation?

An organization administrator can void/cancel a donation within the same business day (before 4pm) the donation has been entered. This can be done by clicking the "refund" button on the Donation Profile.

After the donation has settled, the donor will need to make a refund request to the organization administrator.

How do you stop a recurring donation?

Go to Reports => Donation Report => Table and search for the donation and click on “view details”. On the right side click “stop recurring”.

A recurring donor would like to increase or decrease their donation amount, how can I update that?

If a recurring donor would like to increase or decrease their donation amount, here is how to update that:

1. On the donation profile, click on "stop recurring" to end the current recurring donation.
2. Enter a brand new donation using the virtual terminal/donation form with the new amount and select the frequency of the donation.

How can an organization see all our donors and donations?

Log in as an organization administrator or as a reporting administrator and go to Reports => Donation Report => Table and there filter and views details of all your donors and donations.

Can you provide more details on the Give Savvy notification system?

When logged in as the organization administrator you can access the notification system by going to Account => Manage Notifications.

The notification page will have a listing of all the options you can set to receive notifications to keep up with. You will select a message type to receive and select to receive your messages either via Email or SMS. You can turn these off and on at any time from this page.
You can receive notifications for:

  • New registered donor signed up
  • Recurring donor
  • Campaign goal reached
  • Stop recurring event
  • Card declined event
  • Campaign started
  • Campaign ended
  • Recurring donation
  • Recurring card declined event
Give Savvy adds event notifications as requested from our client base.
Can I message my donors directly?

When logged in as the organization administrator you can access the messaging system. Go to Account => Manage Messages.

The Manage Messages page allows you to send messages to donors, and users who have donated to your organization or who have favorited your organization or campaign. Messages can be sent via email, SMS, or push notification to our mobile app. Follow the steps on this page to filter and select your recipients, and then create the message you want to send.

Is the customizable receipt for all donors or customizable by an individual campaign?

The customizable email receipt is for all donors. You are not able to create a custom receipt for each campaign.

How do I manage my campaigns?

When logged in as the organization administrator you can manage campaigns by going to Organization => Manage Campaigns.

On this page you can filter and view all campaigns your organization has created. Simply click on the pencil icon to edit each campaign.

How do I delete campaigns?

You are not able to delete campaigns, you can only make them dormant. When logged in as the organization administrator you can manage campaigns by going to Organization => Manage Campaigns. You can set the status or make any edits.

Why is ACH not available for one-time donations?

Give Savvy ACH donations are only available with a recurring donation. To access this option, you will simply select a recurring frequency and select the day of the month to give, either the 5th or the 20th. Once this section has been completed you will see the ACH option appear in the payments section.

Can a donor donation be deleted?

For the purpose of accurate records, you are not able to delete a record of a donation.

Can a donor donation be edited?

At this time, there are only a few things that you can edit once it has been submitted. Here is what you can edit:

  • Campaign Title
  • Phone
  • "In Honor of" text
  • "Company" text
  • Recurring End Date
If you made any other mistakes, you can cancel the original donation and enter a new one. If you have further questions please contact Give Savvy support.
How do I update my card expiration date?

A donor can update their card expiration date by logging in to their donor account and going to settings. There you will find your saved payment information and you can update the date.

How does Text 2 Donate work?

When creating a campaign, there is a section to create a unique code for donors to text to our toll-free phone number. The code must be greater than or equal to 6 characters in length. When the donor texts this code to the phone number, they will receive a text message with a link to donate to the campaign.

What is the toll-free Text 2 Donate number?

1-833-321-GIVE (4483)

How can a donor register?

There are multiple ways a donor can register and set up an account on Give Savvy.

a. Register using FaceBook or an email
b. Select "Register as a Donor" on the donation form.
c. An Organization administrator can select "Register Donor" in the Virtual Terminal when entering a donation

I'm a donor, how can I access my Annual Giving Statement?

Download the Give Savvy mobile app, it is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once you log in, at the top left, there is a menu. Select Dashboard and scroll to the bottom. There you can click the button 'Annual Giving Statement' and email it to yourself.

I forgot my password, how do I reset my account?

Wait.. what was my password again? No problem we all forget things sometimes. If you forget your password you can reset it by going to the login page on and following the forgot password link located under the password section on the page. You may also contact our Support team with any additional questions you may have.

How do I decide on what my processing fee percent should be set to on campaigns?

Each campaign you create gives you the ability to choose from a different processing fee percent to cover all card transactions. When a Charity is first created the default percentage is set to 3%, which will cover most if not all credit card rates. You are welcome to increase the rate to 5%, or decrease it as low as 2% depending on your preference. If you need help deciding, feel free to contact our Support team with any additional questions.

How do I delete, or edit a user?

To deactivate or edit a user you will go to your “Manage users” tab under account on your Savvy dashboard page. From this section you are able to deactivate and edit user information for your Savvy account.

A donor needs to be refunded, how do I do that?

Sometimes mistakes happen, and you may need to process a refund from time to time. To issue a refund you will go to table tab in "Donation Report". From here you can use the filters option to find the donor, click "View Details" on the donation and you will be able to refund the donor from the “Refund” action button located to the right of the view details window.

What video formats can I use on my charity page?

For easy addition to your Charity or Campaign pages, Savvy allows you to add videos from the two most popular video platforms, YouTube and Vimeo.

We opened another location, do we have to open another SAVVY account?

The answer to this question depends on one thing. Will the other location be using a separate bank account? If so, you will need to set up another GiveSavvy account for the new location. If not, feel free to open as many locations as you would like.

How do I update my contact information?

Have a new number? Moving to a new location? Changing banks? Just give us a call and we would be happy to help you make any changes needed!

How do we view our billing statements?

When your application is approved, you will receive an email from "FirstView." Follow the prompts in the email and create a unique login. Once you have logged in, on the right side of the page, you will see the menu. Click on "Statements" and there you can view and download your statements.

How do we submit an issue or request?

Go to our support website here, and click on the "Submit a Request" at the top right menu.